Writing Services

Effective writing can make a difference in whether someone reads your content or passes it over completely. Good communication is no accident. You depend on the written word to reach your audience. Let Janet help you write compelling copy.

Business and Personal Writing

Businesses rely on their written communications, and you can rely on Janet. Specializing in business, finance, and the jewelry industry.

    Website content
    Product descriptions
    In-house communications

“Janet is great to work with. She thoroughly does her research when developing copy, so it’s fitting for your business. She delivers on time and even provides a few alternatives, so that your message is conveyed according to your audience’s needs. I have called upon her for several projects and will gladly use her services again.”
– Kim Blake, Alpha-Webworks

Writing Samples

“Women, Entrepreneurship, and Mentors” Women’s Jewelry Assn. Winter 2015 Newsletter
“Why Business Writing Needs Professional Editing”
“Take One Mandala Before Bedtime and Rest Easy” Len Saunder’s “Your Health Journal”
“You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get” blog

A reader’s focus should not be on your errors.

Website Audits

Janet will review each page of your website to be sure your content is properly written. In addition to line editing, Janet checks for consistency in copy and style, broken links, and suggests rewrites so your website copy is concise and directed toward your demographic.

Editing Services

Don’t let readers stumble and cringe over your awkward sentences. Like it or not, people form opinions based on your writing. It helps them decide whether to buy your book, product, or service. You can count on Janet’s editing to make your words work for you.

Business Editing Services

Business writing requires meticulous attention. One misused word can be devastating. Once you hit “send,” there are no do-overs. Janet will make sure your communications read properly. Even good writers need editors.

Manuscript Editing Services

Janet provides multiple manuscript editing services including copyediting, critique, fact checking, and consistency. She can straighten out your timeline and give life to character conversation. She is adept at cutting word count and breaking up repetitive phrases. No reading fee.

    Fiction and Non-fiction
    Women’s contemporary