Charger Blood Drive Charges Up

The best thing you could ask for yourself might be for someone else. I had a great opportunity today to give back to my community by participating in Charger Blood Drive 31 held at the Town and Country Hotel in San Diego.

I hardly think of myself as a performer, however as an active member of the Southern California Cartoonists Society and occasional volunteer at the San Diego Blood Bank, I gladly put on my entertainer’s hat to draw caricatures of the blood donors as they rested in the cantina. This was my second year at this event. The first year was so much fun that I decided to do it again.

The donors are the ones who truly give of themselves – literally, and they are rewarded for coming. In the main hall are sponsored booths, food samples and other giveaways. I was lucky to see Polynesian dancers during a snack break. They were very entertaining. Of course the main attraction is to meet the Chargers and have them autograph a program or article of clothing.

The blood drive comes just before the busy holiday season when donations typically drop. If having a caricature is another memorable keepsake for donors, then maybe it’s a small reason why they would return next year.

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