In Your “Right” Mind

by Lee Silber

Maybe the best way to describe the two main thinking styles is to think of left brainers like you would Warren Buffett–smart, safe, detail oriented, goal oriented, logical, organized, patient, and focused. Now for those of us who use our right brains predominantly, Jimmy Buffett comes to mind–spontaneous, fun, divergent, emotional, hurried, and in the moment. We should embrace our natural tendencies and strengths rather than fight them, but . . . we should also look to make the most of our “other” brain, too.

When it comes to getting good ideas, it’s a whole-brain affair. The right side of the brain is resourceful, creative, innovative, and loves to solve problems–but it is easily distracted and has a hard time dealing with details–and that’s where the left brain comes in. If there is one area that we can make an immediate improvement using a whole-brain approach it is in the area of organizing. Cleaning up and cleaning out can help you get ideas and create an environment where innovative thinking isn’t distracted and sidetracked by clutter. The good news is you can create a comfortable environment to think and work and still leave some stuff out where you can see it.

Take a look at this link and you will see exactly how the blending of right and left brain thinking creates the perfect solution to organizing problems.

Lee Silber
Best-Selling Author and Award-Winning Trainer

(Note from Janet: Thanks to guest blogger Lee Silber. Lee has published wonderful material for business and personal use. Click here to check out Lee’s books, including my current favorite, “The Wild Idea Club.”)

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