Laugh Yourself Skinny

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Take a mini-vacation with me as we depart from the usual and embark on a trip down Funny Bone Lane. As the title of this post implies, articles on weight loss must start with a catchy headline, and that’s what we’ve got today. Asking for a little chuckle? Here you go – diet headlines you’ll never see on the cover of any magazine.

    Buns of Steel Cut Oats
    Fidgeting – All New Exercises for Busy Professionals
    Worriers Guide to Weight Loss – Lose Pounds While You Lose Sleep
    Bread, Water and You
    Lose 10 lbs. Without Losing Your Head
    Eat, Drink, and Meet Mary – Your Dietician
    Weight Loss Secrets and the Common Cold
    Your Wallet-on-a-diet Diet
    Chew-Chew-Chew Your Way to Burning Calories
    Speedy Weight Loss with Fast Food, Fast Times and Flax
    Orgasmic Chocolate Gum: Myth or a Girl’s Best Friend?
    Dominatrix Weight Loss Dungeon and How You Can Apply
    Amazing Silt Discovery – Purifies While it Cleanses
    Easy Recipes Not Worth Eating
    Vanilla Pods and Hot Bods
    A Loaf of Bread, a Jug of Wine and a Baggie Full of Bran
    The Catch Your Own Food and Eat It Raw Diet
    Lose Weight While Watching TV – Mission Impossible?
    Gorge and Be Gorgeous!
    Zip Your Lip to Zip Your Pants

To wrap up, here’s a variation on a perennial favorite:

    Relationship Tell-all: How I Said “Get Lost” to Over 140 lbs!

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