When the Deal of the Day – Isn’t

Deal of the Day, Groupon, Amazon Goldbox, LivingSocial, and other discount sites can be real money-savers, but only if you actually use the product or service. Sounds like a “Duh!” moment, yet more and more people are finding these deals are costing them money. Coupons expire, restaurants go out of business, some businesses can’t handle the extra traffic, and people move before they have a chance to use their great deal. Suddenly, the money savings turns into an unexpected out-of-pocket loss.

Sorry you bought and want a refund? Good luck! On top of it, your loss is someone else’s gain. Businesses have now sprung up to buy off the product you can’t use – at a discount, of course (see couprecoup and dealsgoround). This takes off some of the edge, but why put yourself in this position in the first place?

The next time you’re tempted to act on the next super savings deal that seems too good to pass up, ask yourself a few questions. Is the money for the product or service already accounted for in my budget? Will I use it in a timely manner? Have I already purchased something similar that remains unused? Am I buying because I’m being enticed or this really a product or service I would have purchased anyway at a higher price? Am I paying for this on a credit card on which I’m making payments and thus the real price after interest will be higher?

It’s all too easy for some to react to hype, a deadline, and maybe even a nudge from a friend to jump on the bandwagon. Before you act – stop. Pause and ask yourself these questions. Make sure before you buy that the band is playing your tune and that you aren’t jumping to theirs. This way, the thrill of getting a deal will be less likely to turn into a sour note later.

Author/speaker Janet F. Williams is a high-end sales professional, sales trainer and coach for personal and professional development. She speaks on topics contained in her award-winning book “You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get” to businesses, networking groups, non-profits, book clubs and more. For more information or to buy the book, please visit: www.JanetFWilliams.com and www.GoodDayMedia.com.

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