Toasted warranty? No problem for Black & Decker

Get out of your self-critic and into possibility with this “you don’t ask, you don’t get” story about toast, or lack of it, and feeling burned. It’s also a story of redemption. Heady claims for a toaster oven that mostly didn’t work and its manufacturer, Black & Decker.

Just over two years ago, my Black & Decker toaster oven became unreliable after many years of steady service. It was a workhorse and looked it. Signs of use could no longer be scrubbed off and the dials wore out. Pleased with its performance that lasted over a decade, I went out and bought another. This is where the story begins, you see, because after one year of light use, the new toaster oven did not perform properly.

At first, the problem seemed anomalous, a moment when after turning the dial to set the time, the red indicator light did not go on. Neither did the heating element.

“Hey!” I yelled crossly at the object and swatted it. The light went on. Toasting resumed.

What started as an infrequent occurrence turned into a regular annoyance. After 18 months, I was sure the one-year warranty had long expired. At two years, I regularly banged the side of the appliance with limited success. My toaster oven was toast and I felt burned. In frustration, I looked up the product information and saw there was a two-year warranty. I found the receipt and my shoulders sagged when I realized it was dated two years and one month ago.

Not to be dissuaded, I called customer service. I briefly explained the situation about how the product had slowly failed, my surprise at the two-year warranty, and my subsequent disappointment that I had acted a little late. Their response?

“We’ll send you a replacement.”

No argument, no protest, no “Sorry, Charlie. You snooze, you lose!” In addition, the customer service representative I spoke with from Spectrum Brands, the parent company, was cheerful! Let’s hear it for proper training.

And the best part? I didn’t have to send the entire unit. They instructed me to cut off the plug, which I sent in with a copy of the receipt and a check for shipping (a reasonable $7.50). They promised to send me a new replacement within 2 to 3 weeks, sooner if I gave them the tracking number from the post office.

Did they make good? They sure did! Once they received the plug end, they immediately sent out the replacement because my new toaster oven arrived the next day. Now I’m plugged in and ready to go. Thanks Black & Decker for making good on my expired warranty. I like your products and will continue to use them. I told the customer service rep that I would write a positive blog if all went well. Here you go!

Janet F. Williams is an oral and written communications specialist offering sales training, presentations, writing, editing, and coaching for personal and professional development. Her award-winning book “You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get” shows readers how to ask for what they want and increase their chances of getting it. Contact Janet: info – at –

One Response to “Toasted warranty? No problem for Black & Decker”

  1. Eleanor Self
    January 12th, 2024 at 7:32 am

    Thanks for posting this. It gives me some hope. After a couple ignored emails I reached someone by phone who gave me the plug and lable instructions. ( but no offer of postage cost) I thought it didn’t sound legit.

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