“What a difference experience makes! First, I took Janet’s suggestions and made changes to my medical thriller before she took it on. I was more than pleased with the sample edit she provided. It was exactly what the book needed. Then, she did a remarkable job cutting my extra-long manuscript while staying true to my literary style. The narrative flowed beautifully. I was so hyped, I couldn’t wait to send it out. She did a rewrite on my synopsis and query letter, and I knew the dramatic changes she made would give me the best shot at finding an agent. Thanks a million, Janet! I look forward to your help on my next novel and will recommend your services. You’re the best!”
~ Newton Osborne, MD, Author, The Gorgon Snakes

“Janet F. Williams of Good Day Media, worked tirelessly on my chapters even when she was struck with the dreaded Covid-19. A meticulous editor, Janet broke down every sentence, polished each word like a precious gem, put them back in a sensible order and created a narrative that flowed evenly and shined like the sun—no easy feat since the story continuously jumps back and forth in time. She did an exemplary job. YOU ROCK, JANET!!”
~ Walt Madigan, Author, A Day in the Life

“Janet was a wonderful writing coach and editor for my debut memoir, Trailblazer. She gave freely of her time and expertise to help me transform my narrative writing style into an engaging tale. Her multi-pass copy editing turned my mundane words into a rich, sensory adventure. I’m grateful for her kindness and advice throughout my journey to publication. Thank you!”
~ Mary Ann Horton, Author, Trailblazer

“After Janet read my work, she suggested I use her coaching services to improve my writing. Her assessment was honest and constructive, as is the feedback she gives me each week on my thriller. We’ve been working back and forth for only a few months, and already, her suggestions have vastly improved my writing. Her editing and comments are spot on. What a difference! Her individual instruction allows me to see how to change sentences from passive to active, where to cut and why, showing versus telling–things I obviously didn’t see on my own. She helps me with character motivation and development, conversation, coming up with original phrases–whatever needs work. Each week has been a real eye-opener. I’m very encouraged and plan to continue on. I highly recommend her services. She is top-notch!”
~ Stephen Steighner, Author

“On a recommendation, I called on Janet to edit my book, May You BE Healthy, a personal healing memoir. She assured me she could bring the book up to professional standards and I was not disappointed. Her attention to detail is superb! She fixed many inconsistencies as well as tending to the usual copy editing tasks. She researched where necessary, asked questions, was very organized, and always came through on time, sometimes making extra changes on short notice. Working with her was easy. I am glad I could rely on her expertise and early reviews back up the fine work she did. Thank you, Janet! I hope to use her again and highly recommend her quality services for your book.”
~ Ravi Sahay, Speaker, Educator, and Author of May You BE Healthy

“Hi Janet, I want to tell you that during the last few months the information in your book You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get helped me. There have been situations where I wanted something that didn’t seem possible. I thought of you and your book and asked anyway. As a result, I got an affirmative response in situations where my not asking would have resulted in my not getting. I expect others who have used your encouraging advice have gotten similar results.”
~ Alan Simberg, Radio Host

“I really like your feedback and your revisions. I’m just starting to learn how little changes can make such a difference.” “Your class (The ABCs of LGBTQ+) was fascinating! I didn’t know how much I didn’t know.” “I really enjoyed your class (Write Using 6 Senses). You should make this information available in a book.” “I appreciate that you printed up all the editing suggestions and your comments (on my advance submission) so I could take them home. I’ve got a lot of work to do and this will really help. I kind of knew what I had to do, but you were very specific and it’s good to have it in writing from your professional perspective. Thanks!”
~ Attendees at the Southern California Writer’s Conference, Irvine

“Janet was instrumental in helping me polish my book, ‘What Would Grampa Say,’ a historical recollection from where I grew up. She researched facts, smoothed out my choppy sentences, and made the book more of what I knew it could be. She sent me regular emails to ask questions and caught a lot of things I would have missed. Thank you! I recommend her services to others who need a competent editor.”
~ John F. Weber, Author, What Would Grampa Say?: Stories Like None Other From the Minnesota River Valley

“I appreciate your thoroughness and professionalism in editing my manuscript. If I finish another book in the future I will contact you. I will also recommend you to my writing friends if they ever need an editor. Thank You!”
~ Patricia Stinson, Author, Slaves of Passion

“Janet was so helpful in editing my very personal memoir, ‘Hugging Trees in the Dark.’ She was sensitive and honest about the work it needed, and I love what she did! My story needed help with structure, and Janet literally cut out parts and moved them around so the story flows. She found a way to include my thoughts and prayers along with the narrative, and that was important to me. She also helped with tasks typical for an editor: grammar, punctuation, etc., while respecting my voice. I felt like she ‘got’ me and my book sounds like me. She also took the time to talk to me about the process and helped me through some trouble spots. Blessings and thanks for everything! Janet was referred to me and I would definitely recommend her.”
~ Robin Jillian, Author, Hugging Trees in the Dark

“Your presentation [Positioning Yourself for Publishing Success] at PWOC was right on time for me as I work through several projects. I loved hearing about your life/publishing journey and the lessons you learned along the way. I admire the way you dove into learning HTML and other skills over the years as you saw how they could help you. You kept our attention, inspired us, and instructed us about publishing and marketing our books.”
~ Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D., Author, Guided Autobiography Facilitator, and PWOC Member (Publishers and Writers of Orange County)

“Janet, loved your class on 7 Character Motivations. It’s going to help me round out my characters.” “Your class was great!” “I really enjoyed your session on character motivation — it gave me so many good ideas.” “I’m so glad I got a chance to attend your class on sex writing. You should teach this every time.” “I was stunned by how kind you were about the editing when we spoke at the conference. If you’re teaching again in Irvine, I’d really love to attend.”
~ Attendees at the Southern California Writers’ Conference, San Diego

“We had Janet speak at our monthly California Writers Club of Long Beach (CWCLB) meeting, one of 22 branches of the California Writers Club, a 109-year-old non profit 501(c)(3) helping writers in the marketing and the craft of their work. The Long Beach Branch had a great SRO turnout of 54(!) people. Janet delivered a very important (for writers) speech on writing simple romantic scenes to sometimes necessary X-rated scenes, depending on the writer’s genre, audience, and story. I think we had a big crowd because few writers know how to handle writing these scenes correctly. From our feedback, we learned that the topic was helpful to a lot of our members. All in all, the tone was light and Janet’s delivery was frank but funny. I would recommend Janet to other groups needing instruction on writing these and other difficult scenes. It was an informative talk. THANKS for speaking to us. I’m so glad you’re booked at the Orange Branch. Now, about those other 20 branches, LOL. :)”
~ Kathryn Atkins, Immediate Past President and Public Relations Chair for CWCLB

Hi Janet,
I wanted to thank you for your lively and informative presentation on such an important and timely topic [“The ABCs of LGBT”]. The positive buzz I heard after the program was confirmed by the written evaluations, comments below: “Excellent presenter!” “Very informative!” “Useful, relevant, engaging.” “Great!” “Learned so much about unfamiliar field.” “Thanks for such an enlightening topic. What a great speaker!” On a personal note, I was initially a bit wary of having someone I had not met speak on a sensitive topic, but I trusted the recommendation of a board member, and am so glad I did! You are an excellent public speaker and a true professional in every sense of the word. You greatly enhanced our knowledge in this important, complex, and constantly evolving subject area that deserves more attention. I wish you much success in sharing this knowledge to other groups, and I will gladly recommend you.

~ Chris Zook, President, San Diego Professional Editors Network

“I’m very grateful to Ms. Janet F. Williams for critiquing my novel and coaching me on some key events within it. Her impressive focus on the story structure and content rendered my novel more gripping and intriguing. Janet is a hard-working full-service editor, and provides you with very comprehensive and thorough editing. I highly recommend Janet to anybody to brighten their fiction work and would not hesitate enlisting her generous and productive help anytime in the future.”
~ Sattar Memon, Author Soul’s Fury

“Janet’s workshop was not only fun, it made me stretch. My sense of smell is usually weak to non existent, and I realized that I was overlooking two of our senses when I write: smell and taste, which are closely related. And I really liked discovering how to use our sixth sense, intuition, as a foreshadowing technique. I felt safe in sharing and my writing has become more distinctive. Janet’s classes were well thought-out, her handouts will be valuable to refer to, and I made new friends! Wonderbar!” “Janet is such a creative teacher, the time just flew by and I found myself constantly referring to our lesson throughout the week. This was a great way to learn how to improve show versus tell techniques. Thanks for running the class. I found it very stimulating.”
~ Workshop attendees at “Write Using 6 Senses”

The small book I wrote, Death is a Human Invention, was brilliantly edited by Janet. I wrote a book, she structured [and edited] it, and did a remarkable job. I am delighted with the results and would definitely seek her skills again. Thank you, Janet.
~ Richard Temtchine, Author, Death is a Human Invention

“Very excited and satisfied. I like your [editing] work.”
~ Charles R. Young, Author, Day of Reckoning

When I think about it, “Thank you” doesn’t express my gratitude for the great edit you did for [my novel]. I’m at chapter 10 and I don’t want it to end. I love the chapters and how with all your edits you kept my voice. You have made my story sparkle. But more than that. It shows what great care and of course your talent. You made me smile with special joy. I didn’t wish to wait to let you know how delighted I am. I feel blessed I found you.
~ Jerry Brown Schwartz, Author, Cha Cha’s Rainbow End

“You are a great presenter and I hope you continue to expand your audience.” “[Your workshop on how to write a sex scene] should be a regular part of every conference.” “Janet was direct and had a good sense of humor.” “I figured out how to handle my sex scene with an alien.” “One of the best workshops I’ve been to!” “I needed a cigarette afterward.” “Now I’m going to get my characters to do more than cuddling.” “Janet, it was a terrific workshop–made me think of sex scenes in a whole new way.” “I attended your lecture and found it extremely useful.” “Thank you for your encouragement, laughter, and friendship in the journey.” “This was the best workshop I’ve been to in a long time.”
~ Attendees at the Southern California Writers’ Conference, LA (Irvine)

Janet, thank you for filling in on short notice to talk to the San Diego Forum. Our lively group was unusually attentive while you spoke–not an easy accomplishment. They were obviously engaged by your talk on how to use motivations for their benefit. Your book and topic were a hit, and I’m happy to recommend you to others.
~ Paula A. Sassi, C.M.G., President, San Diego Forum

I had a sudden, one-shot deal to sell myself and my concept to a high-level executive. Before my meeting, I consulted with Janet Williams. She briefed me on the publishing, writing, and media aspects. As we talked about the project, she got a quick take on the real me. Janet prepped me with the right words to say about myself so I would sound natural. She asked the right questions, built my confidence, gave me the info I needed, and had great suggestions. The business meeting was a huge success and we’re already in the early stages of the project! Janet was a perfect fit, personable, extremely knowledgeable, and a super coach. I highly recommend her.
~ Midwest confidential

Good Morning Janet, Congratulations! You won the hearts of the members of the Laguna Woods Writers Club. Your presentation was outstanding! A speaker like you who entertained and educated the audience is a special treat for our club.

~ Donna Bevans, Laguna Woods Writing Club

Janet F. Williams is a wonderful person, speaker and author. Her message is clear and powerful. She brings a warmth and professionalism to her presentation. If you have ever had trouble with “Diva” authors and speakers, Janet is not one of those. She was flexible and adaptable. As I listened to her talk, I loved her delivery–conversational and friendly. I was thinking to myself, she doesn’t know who she is talking to and it doesn’t matter because her message of “you don’t ask, you don’t get” fits everyone. We learned that how you ask is as important as what you ask for. From the beginning of her talk, all the way to her last sentence, everyone paid attention. I could sense a high level of agreement as everyone was nodding their heads with each of her points. We will invite Janet back and I would recommend her to faith-based groups, non-profits and businesses. It was a joy to have her and we look forward to her return.
~ Rev. George E Honn III, Spiritual Leader, Center for Spiritual Living Inland Empire

Hi, Janet –Thanks for sharing with our Writing Group some of your knowledge and experiences regarding self publishing. I admire your skills, determination and hard work. You certainly deserve success on the basis of that combination. Regards,

~ John (Gene) Michals, The Piranha’s Writing Group member

Thanks for your time. Your presentation was very informative and encouraging. It has given me a push to pursue my writing goals within the year.

~ Miriam Day, The Piranha’s Writing Group member

Janet – After your author talk, several patrons came up to me with glowing comments. Here’s what they said: “She was wonderful!” “She was great!” “I thought she had interesting things to say.” “Invite her back.” Thanks for coming out to our library. We’d love to have you come back.
~ Richard Rivera, Librarian, Valley Center Branch Library

Janet delivered an engaging half-hour talk at our Mother’s Day luncheon geared toward our fund-raisers who aren’t always comfortable asking for donations. Her thoughtful presentation was infused with helpful information, warmth, and humor. Moms and daughters alike were full of compliments of how they could use the seven motivations in their personal lives. Her presence made our luncheon all the more special. Janet was recommended for our group and the San Diego chapter of Alpha Zeta Beta highly recommends her for yours.

~ Marcella Cyr, Recording Secretary, Alpha Zeta Beta Sorority

Janet, everybody loved your talk; it was thought provoking and you gave good techniques for increasing our “Yeses” and our income! Many women came up and gave me very positive feedback. The women in our group were engaged from start to finish –I never saw so much note-taking going on. It’s my pleasure to recommend you to other businesses or networking groups, and in fact, I just referred your talk to another organization. It’s rare to say that someone has material so well-suited to a variety of purposes, but yours really hits the mark. On a personal note, I’m using your book as an instruction manual to help a 13-year-old boy learn empowerment techniques; it’s a skill set we need, whether age 13 or 103 years old.
~ Nancy Clement, Program Director, San Diego Women’s Network

In May, Janet gave a 45-minute talk to about two dozen AAUW members on how motivations influence giving and receiving. We found her animated style to be most engaging. She concluded her talk with a story about volunteering, a subject near and dear to our hearts. I think we all came away with a few new ideas of how asking for what you want can be accomplished with better results.

~ Judith Warren, Escondido-San Marcos AAUW program director

Like many right-brainers I just opened You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get” to a random page and started reading “Get More Out Of Retail.” That same day I used Janet’s approach and saved $45. The book more than paid for itself after only reading six pages. Needless to say I read the rest of this great book and to date have saved / made over $7,500 as a direct result. This book proves the point, when you ask, you get . . . a lot.
~ Lee Silber, Best-Selling Author and Award-Winning Trainer www.leesilber.com

Janet gave a thoughtful, lively and inspiring talk to our women’s group about how to ask for what you want. She covered several of the “how-tos” covered in her book and tailored her talk to our specific needs. We had a very large turnout and she left plenty of time for Q and A. We left the meeting excited about how the right way to ask can make a difference in all areas of your life.
~ Kay Compton, LINC Program Director

Janet Williams’ excellent book, “You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get” has changed my perspective about when and how to ask, and I am no longer afraid of “getting my ask kicked.”  A couple of weeks ago, an unexpected automatic withdrawal from my bank account caused a cascade of overdraft charges.  A few days ago, I called my bank — a large megabank that rarely makes concessions and exceptions — and cheerfully told them that because of my oversight and not theirs, I got a slew of overdraft charges and I wondered if they could reverse any of them.  I asked without any attachment to outcome (not to mention income) and a few hours later the bank called to tell me they had reversed half of the charges.
~ Steve Bhaerman, Co-author of Spontaneous Evolution and alter ego of cosmic comic Swami Beyondananda

This VERY practical self-help book [You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get] offers how-to exercises and examples of asking and getting what you want out of life. I am interested in sharing this book because, while I think a lot of books that come my way have great value, this one has chapters devoted to getting more out of dining, retail, car shopping and more. Janet gives proven techniques of HOW to communicate most effectively while asking for and aiming for what you WANT, and there is great VALUE in identifying your needs/wants and making them happen!!
~ Stacey Ross, San Diego Bargain Mama www.SanDiegoBargainMama.com

Williams’ book [You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get] was a revelation.  The first time I used one of her tips, I was at a hotel and wanted to get a later check out time. I called the desk and instead of asking “If I could get a late check out,” I asked, “Who would I speak to about getting an extended check out time?”  Worked like a charm. That was a great lesson in how to ask and I’ve used it many times since.
~ Karyl Miller, Emmy-award winning Writer and Producer

Dear Janet,
I’m a very senior citizen who doesn’t like to make a fuss. However, I bought some things from a catalog company and then after a couple days received notice of a big sale including those very items. Ordinarily, I would have done nothing, but having read your book recently, I decided to voice my complaint. To my amazement they were very courteous and quickly promised a credit on my charge card. Sure enough it showed up on this month’s bill. Thank you. That has more than covered the cost of your book and has left me feeling much stronger.
~ Midwest senior

I asked a car wash to honor an expired coupon and was rewarded with the discount and a smile.
~ David Sternfeld, Carlsbad, CA

Love your book You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get.Still waiting on that new car so I can use the advice given for wheeling and dealing with car dealers. Thanks!
~ Lulane Ward, Cleburne, Texas