When the Deal of the Day – Isn’t

Ask Yourself November 3, 2011 No Comments

Deal of the Day, Groupon, Amazon Goldbox, LivingSocial, and other discount sites can be real money-savers, but only if you actually use the product or service. Sounds like a “Duh!” moment, yet more and more people are finding these deals are costing them money. Coupons expire, restaurants go out of business, some businesses c...

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Secrets to Hearing “Yes!” 3 Win-Win Tips

Ask to Get, Give To Get September 29, 2011 No Comments

Face it, you want what you want and your partner/spouse wants what s/he wants. How do you get your significant other (SO) to say “yes” to your request when that person is busy watching football on TV? Try these three win-win tips. 1)      Ask yourself what would motivate your SO to give you what you want, and appeal to that. In all fairness, relationships are about give and take. Find out what you must give to set up a fair exchange. You already know what your SO likes, or you could ...

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Out of Warranty – Not Out of Luck

Beatrice liked using her Kindle. It worked great until a few months ago when it wouldn’t hold a charge like when it was brand new. She would charge it up and after using it a short while, the Kindle would power down. After a little experimenting, she was sure there was nothing wrong with the plugs she had used at home. The problem was inside the Kindle. She called customer service. The Kindle phone repres...

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Be a Hero in Your Own Life

You want to be inspired to greatness and you hear, “Be a hero in your own life.” Sounds good, but what does it mean? How do you become a hero in your own life? Let’s define the term. We think of heroes as those who go above and beyond the normal call of duty or daily living to help another. A hero can also be one who sacrifices for the greater good, not thinking of themselves for the benefit of others in either a single act or as a daily contribution to life. Now, apply this thinking...

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Rejecting Rejection

You want to ask. You plan on asking. It would be great to ask and hear “Yes!” The time comes and you don’t ask. Why? Because you don’t want to chance hearing “No.” Ugh! That horrible word!  It contains power, the power to feel rejected. Rather than risk feeling rejected, you say nothing – all because someone might say, “No.” Defeat comes from inside you. It doesn’t come from an outside decision-maker, that is, the person saying “no.” Imagine a judge passes on...

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BEA – the Place to Be

Imagine the largest convention center you’ve ever seen. Now imagine it three times larger and you’ll have some idea of the enormity of Book Expo America (BEA). It consumes the entire multi-floor Jacob Javits Center located in New York City. The BEA, and the other events it attracts during the week preceding Memorial Day, is the largest book related convention in the United States, which is why I was ther...

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5 Questions for Effective Goal Setting

How you set up goals for yourself can determine whether or not you are able to see them to fruition. You can’t state a goal and think you’re done. No! The work (or fun!) is just beginning. Answering these 5 questions will help you form a proper goal and stay on track to success. How well have you defined your goal? Vague goals are idle wishes. Add detail and be specific. Know clearly where you stand at point A, and what’s waiting at point B. Imagine your goal as goi...

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Laugh Yourself Skinny

Humor March 4, 2011 No Comments

Take a mini-vacation with me as we depart from the usual and embark on a trip down Funny Bone Lane. As the title of this post implies, articles on weight loss must start with a catchy headline, and that’s what we’ve got today. Asking for a little chuckle? Here you go – diet headlines you’ll never see on the cover of any magazine.

    Buns of Steel Cut Oats Fidgeting – All New Exercises for Busy Professionals Worriers Guide to Weight Loss – Lose Pounds While You Lose Sleep Bre...

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YDA, YDG Top 10 Book of 2010!

Asked and Got, News February 7, 2011 No Comments

“You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get” was favorably reviewed by Kirkus Discoveries a few months back. Now they have named it Best Specialized Instruction Book of 2010! Wow! Can you feel the love? If you have a copy, you know why the top reviewing agency in the country singled out “You Don’t Ask, You Don’t...

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Kohler Awash in Customer Service

Asked and Got January 15, 2011 1 Comment

Here in California we have hard water that corrodes our plumbing. It’s a drag, however I put up with it because today it was 74 and sunny. Okay, that said, the point is my faucets wear out much sooner than I wish and I’m guessing it’s on account of mineral deposits from our tasty Colorado River water. Last year a piece of rubber on my kitchen faucet sprayer arm dissolved and de...

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