Waived Goodbye to Late Fee

Asked and Got November 3, 2009 4 Comments

I received my Discover Card statement and dang! I paid 2 days late and they hit me with a $19.00 late fee. I knew I paid late. It was my own fault. Last month on the 21st, I accessed my statement on-line and saw the due date was the 19th. For years, my due date was the 23rd and I still have that date stuck in my brain. Like many credit card bills, the time in which to pay had been moved up. My new statement arrived in the mail and while reviewing my charges fo...

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Love Motivates

Ask Yourself October 22, 2009 4 Comments

Strong feelings are frequently the root of action. In my last blog entry, I wrote how fear motivates. The same can be said for love – love motivates. In truth, any and all feelings could prove powerful enough to move you to action. Or, like the fight or flight response, could freeze you in your tracks and make you hold your tongue. Love as a motivating force might stem from your love to another, your desire to find love or to hold on to the love you have. Your actions also apply to love of ...

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Fear Motivates

Ask Yourself October 4, 2009 No Comments

Advertisers use fear to get you to buy their products. Your employer uses fear to keep you in line on the job. Politicians and those in the media use fear to convey their messages. How do you feel when fear is used against you? Fear elicits a fight or flight response that makes you either run away or stand up and take action. Surely it depends on the situation to know which is in your best interest. Ask yourself how well you are able to respond to fear-induced situations. Your reaction may be...

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Had My Pie and Ate It, Too

Asked and Got September 22, 2009 4 Comments

Here’s an “Asked and Got” food story that happened a few days ago. My partner and I swung in to Henry’s Market in La Costa after a day of shopping and picked up a few bags of groceries. I was in the mood for pie. They had pineapple, which didn’t suit my taste, so for our dessert I chose blueberry. Yum! It was $4.99. At home, we fixed a nice dinner and afterward set out clean plates for pie. I cut it open and it was yellow inside. What? We had purchased a pineapple pie in a box marked f...

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So-so Fantastico

Asked and Got September 13, 2009 1 Comment

Water is the first ingredient in what used to be my all-time favorite salad dressing. In spite of this change, the bottle still claims, “Where Others Skimp…We Splurge®.” Enough! I’m angry! I want the old formula back. What to do? I e-mailed the company. I’ll paraphrase: Dear Conglomerate, as a businesswoman I understand the hard financial choices you must make when deciding where to trim costs. I would rather pay a little more for a salad dressing I thoroughly enjoy, than be disapp...

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Stay in Your Integrity

Ask Yourself August 30, 2009 1 Comment

While it's nice to have what you want and want what you have, many of you don't feel that way. You take for granted what you do have and wish for more. It doesn't really matter whether what you want is a short-term comfort for yourself or a broad desire for world peace as along as you stay within your integrity. You have many desires, and that’s okay. This is your life and you choose to live it as you see fit, or at least you try to. You don’t live on this earth alone. You are influenced ...

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Take the Ask Challenge

Ask to Get August 7, 2009 1 Comment

Want to shake up your week and add some fun? Take the Ask Challenge. It doesn’t require much on your part – just a small step outside your comfort zone. Ready? Ask for something extra. That’s it! Sounds easy. Could be easy. Could be rewarding in a small way, or it could be the crack in the door to a whole new universe of opportunity. Here’s what you do. Say you’re shopping at the mall. You find a t-shirt and go to the store register. The clerk folds the item and starts to toss it in...

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Captain of the Thought Police

Ask Yourself July 31, 2009 3 Comments

You think of what you want and how nice it would be to get it. Bam! Bam! Open up! Thought Police! You open the “door” and the voice inside your head tells you to ask for something different or tells you to keep quiet. Why? Well, maybe you won’t get what you want, or you think you’re asking for too much. What you want might be unattainable. You haven’t even asked and already you’re backpedaling. Your self-talk censors your output.

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Your Life Goals Are Your Choice

Your personal goals are important to you and unlike things, no one can hand you goals or achieve them for you. No one feels your feelings or experiences your dreams. No one can live your life or be your career. They are yours to earn and are part of you.

This is why it is so important to ask yourself what you want in life. After you decide, ask yourself how you will bring your desires to reality. Turn your ...

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United Untied

Pump It Up July 15, 2009 3 Comments

Little things count. United Air Lines experienced this painful reality as it went into damage control over a case of a damaged guitar. About a year ago, passenger Dave Carroll pursued an unsuccessful bid to get United to take responsibility for his broken Taylor guitar. The abuse was pointed out by another passenger on his flight who witnessed the baggage handlers in mid-destruction. Seeking relief, Dave did wha...

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